plan and configure your sharepoint Sites

I work with project sponsors and key stakeholders to understand their goals and ensure alignment with the needs of actual business users. During analysis, I interview users to identify the types of information with which they interact as well as the key activities they'll perform in the system. With an Information Architecture (IA) and user stories, I create a basic mockup of key site features using Balsamiq Mockups or Microsoft Visio. The mockup allows the project team to collect early user feedback and validate or modify the design to encourage user acceptance.

Stakeholder and business user alignment is a critical element

in every successful SharePoint implementation.

Once the site IA and prototype are complete, I work with the IT and IS organizations to establish the required environments. Once the environments are in place, I configure the term store, site columns, lists, libraries, InfoPath forms, and other site elements necessary to deliver the solution. I work with your internal or 3rd party design team and developers to ensure all branding and code elements of the project are properly understood. Where appropriate, I provide overall project management for the project including in scope content migrations.

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A top Oil & Gas company plant’s IT team was phasing out old systems and replacing them with SharePoint. Users were unfamiliar and wanted an independent assessment of whether or not SharePoint could provide the functionality they needed.

Conducted rapid content type assessment and generated a proof of concept site including InfoPath forms to streamline work processes and save time.

The team enthusiastically accepted the POC site and worked with their internal rollout team to plan their configuration and migration activities.