Project Management


Manage Agile and traditional projects

I work with the project sponsor(s) to create a high-level charter including the project's scope, measurable success criteria, available resources, and other key elements. We determine whether or not the project definition lends itself to a fully agile methodology or if a blend of agile and waterfall is more appropriate based on industry requirements. Once the methodology is defined, I establish a project schedule and review it with key subject matter experts (SMEs). For example, a technical product development project requires reviews from the many roles including the project Architect, Development Lead, Test Lead, and Support Lead.

Establishing and managing expectations are as critical

as on-time delivery to the project's overall success.

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An implementation fell behind schedule and was over budget due to technical challenges from a matrixed team over which the sponsor had no authority.

Tactical planning approach and daily standup calls with the primary stakeholder and the entire project team including the matrixed staff.

Operational delivery in spite of the obstacles. The project sponsor had specific, actionable lessons learned for collaboration with internal teams and continuous improvement.


As the project progresses, I work with the team through a daily standup call to monitor the project's progress. When questions or problems arise, I work with the team to identify solutions and, if required, escalate them to project stakeholders or sponsors as appropriate. When the project is complete, I coordinate a retrospective summary report to identify lessons learned and continuous improvement opportunities.