Product Management


Define and execute your Growth plan

Maintaining a clear picture of the goal (revenue from sales) is critically important for both new and established product teams. Whether you need to create an entirely new business model or sore up elements of your product management strategy and execution plan, CompleoSoft can help.

Aligning your key value propositions with customer focused messaging

is key to market penetration and revenue growth.

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A consulting company built a software solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Several large accounts provided revenue but long term growth was limited.

Performed industry analysis, market segmentation, business model coaching, and messaging refinements allowing the team to identify technical changes and begin selling into new market segments.

The product's pipeline volume and prospect quality increased during the first 6 months of active sales with the new strategy.


I work with product owners to understand their revenue and positioning goals.

Services include:

  •  Strategic business planning (what's being sold to whom?)

  •  Business modeling (how is cashflow generated or increased?)

  •  Messaging (why should someone buy?)

  •  Strategy validation (who is willing to pay?)

The most successful product management plan is the one that works. In today's agile business world, a lightweight plan with rock-solid, customer validated assumptions is better than a comprehensive masterpiece addressing every persona and contingency your company might encounter.